Storage Fayette

Storage Lease

Renting a storage unit with is easy. Either call us at 419-335-3485 and we will walk you through the lease process, or you can do the lease yourself.

To open the doors,slide the top half of the latch to the left and lift the door. Put your stuff inside. It is a good idea to cover your items with a sheet of plastic or a tarp to help keep the dust off. You will also want to stack your items on something that will allow air to flow underneath them.

After closing the door,slide the top half of the latch to the right so the top and bottom are aligned. If the top and bottom aren't aligned, lift up or push down on (wiggle) the door until the top and bottom align. In this position the door is latched and ready for a padlock. Put your padlock thru the right side hole and your items are secure.

Contract box and payment box are located on the north side, west end of the east building. As soon as you have a padlock on a unit, fill out a contract and sign. Keep the bottom copy for yourself. Put the top copy, with a check or money order, in the payment box. Payment for the next month is due by the first of the month. Payments are accepted in the payment box or you can mail your payment to:

15370 Co Rd. K
Wauseon, OH 43567
Please tell us 10 days in advance when you wish to vacate the unit.